Concern for the future

"The Micromazza Group is always innovating and seeking cleaner solutions."
Micromazza respects the environment, and adopts the most demanding procedures for handling and collecting of solid waste, liquid and atmospherics, thus avoiding, contamination of natural resources.

Commitment to nature

Micromazza Group bases its actions on the constant concern to prioritize social and environmental aspects that contribute to the preservation of the planet as a habitable place for future generations.
Thus, constantly seeking for the welfare of employees and their families and the development of communities around the plants.

Commitment for tomorrow

Committed to preserving and improving the environment the Micromazza Group adopts a policy built on two axes: minimize and reutilize waste generated.
The waste in most cases is used as raw material for other processes and for those disposables have certain destination and treatment in compliance with environmental legislation.

Commitment to people

Micromazza Group invests in personal and professional growth of its employees, knowing that they are who drive the company's growth and perpetuity.
More than being a market leader in the segments in which it operates, the Micromazza Group has as a guiding principle of its activities contributing to a better society through the inclusion of young people in the working market.

Code of Conduct and Ethics (Compliance)

Micromazza Group is formed from ethical priciples that guide its performance and are the basis of a solid and reliable company image. Micromazza Group's Code of Conduct for Third Parties contains the guidelines and principles that must be adopted by all its Third Parties. The objective is to guide the actions and relations with the public with which it relates, considering the ethical, moral and integruty aspects.
The principles of this organization are designed to achieve ethical standards of conduct and integrity that are increasingly high, ensuring the pursuit of activities under a standard, which is considered respect and ethics.

Clique here to download our Code of Conduct and Integrity of Third-Parties

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